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What is IMChat? is an Personal and Enterprise Social Network Service, launched originally in 2003. Use this service for Broadcasting XMPP (Jabber) Messages and Video Web Cams Streams.
IMChat can be used personal and business communications.

What can I do with IMChat?

IMChat is an Advanced software platform for building vibrant custom social networks and online communities.

About Us

Here at IMChat we want people to collaborate. It's a goal for us to help you in reaching global and personal goals through social collaboration.
Utilize IMChat by creating social networks and providing an interactive community to like-minded people.

IMChat is part of Agile Interactive Technologies and is a private company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada focusing solely on community software since 2003.

This site will launch beginning of 2014.

If you would like more information please contact us.

For questions or problems please contact Member Services

Video & Audio Social Chat Network

We have always strive to offer the best in Social Network Services (SNS) and Instant Messaging. The new social web is the very essence of the new Social Experience: Communication.
With IMChat the interactions are synchronous and highly personal with location-aware sharing of experiences, whether its photographs, video streams or simply smiley faces.
Interactions are supposed to mimic the feeling of actually being there. It's a joining of the virtual physical unified Inbox creating an interaction hub stream-based, simple inbox with SMS, IM Chat and voice interaction-driven.
This is the Social Future connecting friend and Co-Workers - creating Pods (essentially Groups).
Overall the experience is less Communication, more Interaction as IMChat leverages your location allowing you to find people around you and to chat with them.
We give you the ability for synchronous messaging! Interact on an ongoing basis anywhere, any time and sharingeverything, from moments to emotions create group-based conversations
IMChat gives you the option to share your location and photos with your groups. You can invite your contacts via text message or emails.
XMPP (Jabber) Real Time Collaboration (RTC) Server selected
It took a while, but we finally did it! We decided to make the leap and change our chat technology from a proprietary chat structure to the standards based XMPP. This was an easy decision made by the fact that the online collaboration world is moving towards this standard. XMPP allows easy of interconnection between the decentralized architecture of the XMPP world network.

Group Chat

The multi-party messaging service with XMPP enables you to build groupchat systems similar to IRC. Often, Group Chat systems are used for more specific applications, such as real-time trading systems in the financial industry or a virtual classroom training situation. Small business can use this service as a customer retention chat and sales assistance tool.
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